Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Disney Autograph Book

Methodology: Make an inexpensive book for Disney Characters to sign, that can be disassembled after the vacation for scrapbooking purposes.


12x12 White Cardstock - you get 4 autograph pages per piece of cardstock.

Chip Board

Disney Themed Scrapbook Paper


2 Split Rings

Glue Stick



Rolling Pin

12x12 Paper Trimmer

Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer

Using the Paper Trimmer cut your cardstock to 7 inches first. Cut the 7 x 12 piece into three 4-inch pages. Take the left over piece and cut it to 7 inches and then cut one 4-inch piece. Repeat with each card stock sheet until you get the desired number of pages.

Using a heavy duty paper trimmer cut the Chipboard into two 5x8 pieces. Using the hole-punch and ruler punch holes in the “pages” within 1-inch of the end. Punch coordinating holes in the Chip Board, insuring the holes will allow the split rings to pass through and close.

Take one piece of the chip board and cover it with glue stick. Place your desired piece of paper on the glue side of the chip board and press HARD using the rolling pin. You will need to let this set. Trim off excess paper. Once you have it secured using the holes in the chip board as your guide cut holes in the paper. Repeat with the other piece of chip board. Remember to designate one as the front cover and one as the back cover and decorate accordingly.

Decorate the front of your book. Feed the split rings through the back cover, pages and finally the cover and snap closed. Tie ribbons on the split rings to decorate.