Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jill's Dragon Con Do's and Don't's

For those who do not know what Dragon Con is..go here Dragon Con Web Site. I am an eternal member and this will be my 15 year, I think. So pulling from that experience I would like to share some do's and don't's for newbies and veterans alike.

Do take a bath every day. Even if you have to wash in the sink in the restroom by the Centennial Ballroom in the Hyatt. For pity's sake take a bath.

be mad at me for wanting to take your picture if you are in a costume, look ridiculous, are doing something stupid or if you have any kind of homemade robot. People watching and photo snapping are a blast at Dragon Con, especially after midnight.

Do leave the hotel cleaning staff (your room maid) a tip. Especially if you have more than 4 people in your room. You are eating, sleeping, drinking, and conducting random science experiments in your room. Be glad the staff goes in the room at all, much less cleans it.

Don't try and squeeze two more people in a packed elevator. I am fat, you might be fat and those things have weight limits. If one person on the elevator is wearing wings, forget it.

be considerate of people with wheel chairs and crutches. I did two Dragon Con's on crutches so feel their pain. However a baby stroller sans baby, rolling suitcases or Non-Doctor Who themed robots do not gain you any sympathy with me.

No I DON'T care about your cell phone conversation. Stop screaming into the bloody thing. GO outside if you can't hear or can't get a signal.

Do keep your adult themed activities confined to your hotel room. Walking in on your naked bodies laced together in a track room damages my calm. OH and I will take your picture and post it on the internet and send it to the local news station.

Don't make the media guests suffer needlessly with your fan girl/boy squeeing for more than 2 minutes. Be polite and thank them for attending the convention. Look behind you, those people standing on the tape in the line, they want an autograph too. Yeah...we do. Go away now.

Do remember to actually eat some food, sometime during the day, before you spend all night partying with the Klingon's or Browncoats or Capt. Jack Sparrow. Because the next day when you are hung over, I might just have to mock you.

Do get some kind of sleep. However sleeping in the hotel lobby, food court or hallway will get your picture posted on the internet.

The convention is so close now, we can already smell the con-body. I look forward seeing you there!

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  1. Good list. My personal pet peeve is when a con attendee stands or comes to the mic to "ask a question" and they go on forever with their opinion (which nobody cares about), rambling on and on, possibly ending with a really stupid question, or no question at all.