Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day at Disney/Sparkle Mod Podge

Today I finally taught the pages "A Day at Disney" I created these pages a while ago. I had originally used Stickles for the glitter goodness. How ever I wanted to teach the class using Sparkle Mod Podge to get a feel for how my regular customers like it. I find Sparkle Mod Podge easier to use than Stickles.

I did have one student who allowed me to take her picture while she used the Sparkle Mod Podge. A big thanks to Debby Jones for her cooperation.

Debby seemed to really enjoy the Sparkle Mod Podge. We used two coats on the letters and the Mickey Balloons. After the class was over, Debby's review of the product was stellar. She is also taking my Spooky Two page class and is looking forward to using the Sparkle Mod Podge again.

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