Monday, September 6, 2010

DragonCon Do's and Don't Live From the Con

Okay. Last day of the convention so time for an updated version of the do's and don't.

1. No matter how much you wear, Patchouli does not replace bathing. What did I say about taking baths?

2. Don't stop at the exit of the escalator to take a picture. Really? Seriously?

3. Do understand that someone just might Tweet about your dumb self. K?

4. Do wait for people on the evelator to get off before you bum rush to get on.

5. Don't think arriving on Thursday beats the crowds. Not anymore.

6. Don't think opening the Pre-reg line at noon on Thursday really helped much

7. Do explore all options for eating. The food court had some excellent choices this year

8. Do expect YAL panels to fill up. That is right, no room for you!!!

9. Don't know who won, but the Zombies vs Unicorn panel was like whoa over the top.

10. Do post how you feel on Dragon Con's Facebook and Twitter. HA! Great.

11. For some reason you now DO have to expect children w/ no parents to be here, how totaly un-appropriate!

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