Sunday, December 5, 2010

HP7 1 Review (spoilers)

Finally my friend Claire and I went to see HP7 Part 1. A big shout out Thank YOU to Ms. Liz for the treat of the movie and a snack. I really do appreciate it.

First I was disappointed that they glossed over the Dudley part at #4 Pivet Drive. I understand why they did it but, I always like the parts about the Dursely's. I like how they added in the bits of Ron and Hermione at the beginning. Showing Hermione erasing her parents memories.

The wedding part was good. I like who they cast for Bill but NO CHARLIE? wha??? why not? or did I miss it? I liked that Harry did not go undercover at the wedding and the part where Ron's Aunt goes on and on..that was very well done.

The part at the cafe was really good. It was short but I liked it. Also at the Black residence was well done. The parts with Kreacher I liked. I also liked how they added in Dobby there. That was a surprise.

Is there anyone who did not like how they compressed the "never ending camping trip" All the good parts were there pretty cool.

I do think however, the movie was compressed to such a point that if you have not read the book you might be a bit lost. I had to suppress a good many comments as Claire had not read the book. It does exactly what they need it to do, build up for the next movie which we all know....

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  1. Yep, ditto. I felt the same. I'm always sad about the parts that they leave out, but I understand why. At least we get two movies out of book seven!