Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving Blog

Ta Da! I figured it out. You wont over eat on Thanksgiving if you do not over cook. I have this bad habit of thinkig I have to be able to feed a small army or 1/2 of Dragon Con. This year I am cutting back on the amount of everything but still have enough variety and get in my requirement that I cook something I have never tried to cook before.

So here is my menu

Turkey Breat (I refused to by a 20 pound turkey)
Dressing (down to one 13x9 pan from 3 pans)
Fresh Sweet Potatoes (plain, no marshmellows, etc)
Fresh Green Beans
Black Eye Peas and Butter Peas from my Mom & Dad's Garden
Corn From my Mom and Dad's Garden
Potato Salad
Deviled Eggs (I don't eat them but Dave love's them)
Cranberry Relish (this years new addition)

Pecan Pie
Apple Pie or Skillet Apples (I am not sure which I want to do yet)

and I have a real pumpkin to cook down. If I don't make a pie, I will make puree and freeze it.

I start tonight. Wish me luck. My kitchen will be a crock pot farm.

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